Investor Relations (IR) websites and individual webpages play a key role in engaging new investors, nurturing existing investors, and ultimately capturing capital for your public company.

Increasingly over the last decade, your website is the first place a prospective or current investor goes to better understand your business and find your latest news and financial information.

The search for real, quality, first-hand information has been made more challenging for lay investors in recent years by the proliferation of bots in online forums like Twitter and Stocktwits, as well as the expansion of advertising and sponsored content that rises to the surface on traditional news websites like CNBC and Marketwatch.

Even brokerage platforms can struggle to put your most important content at the top of a news feed – your own press releases can wind up buried below “industry” commentary and automated press releases from myriad news platforms.

More than ever, we believe that a comprehensive IR website that lives on your corporate website – like, called a subdomain – can and should be the cleanest, most engaging place for investors to learn about your business.

Here are 8 tips to building an incredible IR website that gets found by investors.

Make your IR website easy to navigate.

Navigating any website should be easy, and frictionless interactions should be the norm. It’s the reason that Apply Pay and PayPal are common on ecommerce sites – they’ve made it easy to buy stuff with one click.

The same principles apply to your IR website. Investors shouldn’t have to work hard to find what they’re looking for, and if they don’t know what they’re looking for, you should make the IR “journey” apparent for them. When they land on your IR site, an investor should know exactly where to begin, often with a corporate deck, brief business description, or even a brief video explainer.

Put a compelling investor presentation front and center

A compelling investor or corporate presentation (deck) that tells your story well is a powerful way to get your message through quickly. A well-organized and well-designed deck walks investors through your business and value proposition, highlighting what you care about most so they don’t have to think too hard to understand the “upside” to your business.

Putting a short corporate deck immediately on your IR site outfits your investor with the most important information in 3-5 minutes of their time. And, it’s important to make that experience frictionless by hosting the corporate deck on your site - no downloads required!

Consider video introductions

Investors don’t just invest in businesses, they invest in people. Showcasing your executive team or key talent – the people who set your business apart – is a great way to introduce investors to your value proposition with less pressure.

Ultimately, people like to know who they’re doing business with, and a short introduction video to some of your C-suite can be a great way to show your investors that you’re real, introduce a little bit of personality, and humanize the investor relationship.

Make a short video explainer

The world increasingly relies on video, and estimates are that 80%+ of new content created in 2023 will be video.

Your business may be complex, and sometimes a 2-minute video explainer of what you do can be the fastest way to catch a new investor up on what you’re building.

People remember 70% of what they see and hear, versus less than 40% of what they see or hear alone. Visual story-telling is a powerful way to engage and nurture investors.

Make it easy for investors to get news/alerts delivered.

Email and SMS (text) alerts are a great way to keep your investors informed seamlessly.

TickerPilot makes email and SMS sign-up easy and fast, with customizable systems – press releases versus SEC filings – and alerts are automated so your investors learn about new information within minutes of it dropping. Again, make investor relations frictionless.

Make your IR website a seamless, on-brand part of your corporate site

When a visitor lands on your IR page or website, they shouldn’t feel like they’ve stepped into a new universe.

While the team at TickerPilot pays close attention to things like URLs ( vs, your average visitor doesn’t; but they will be put off if they feel they’ve landed on some other planet.

TickerPilot makes seamless, branded IR web pages that integrate with your existing corporate site, rank well in search results, and help your business stand out and grow. If you’re in the market for a full new corporate site, we can do that too.

Make sure your IR site is mobile-optimized

Did you know that more than 50% of web traffic now comes from phones, and that more than 60% of email opens are on mobile apps these days?

If your IR website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re alienating potential investors.

With TickerPilot, everything we do is optimized for mobile display, with fast load-times and convenient scrolling on your IR website.

The Final Word On Great IR Websites

Whether you work with TickerPilot or not, we’re advocates of great design and quality investor interactions.

The above are just a few of the ways that we make websites engaging for public companies like yours, helping you attract and retain investors with industry leading, hassle-free IR websites.

Ready to Attract and Impress Your Investors

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